Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Setup Guide

This is the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero walkthrough. Plug in the Elite Atlas Aero USB transmitter to an available USB port on your PC. Then, power on your headset by
holding down the Power button for about a second. When the LED is solid white, your headset is paired. If your transmitter is blinking red, that means your headset is paired but your mic is muted. Make sure to plug in your microphone, and unmute your headset. When the transmitter is solid white, you’ll
know your connected. Wearing glasses? No problem. The Elite Atlas Aero features Turtle Beach’s signature ProSpecs glasses friendly design. To access it, pull off the ear cushion to reveal the tab. Pull the tab to create a channel in
the ear cushion. This will alleviate pressure so you can be more comfortable. You can also store the transmitter on the headset, underneath the right cushion for safekeeping. Before you open Control Studio, you need
to adjust your Sound settings. First, make sure the Elite Atlas Aero is set as the Default Device for speakers, then click on the headset virtual chat driver, and set it as your default chat device. This gives you the full experience of the Elite Atlas Aero, and allows you to optimize your game and chat settings. Click the “Recording” tab, and right-click the Elite Atlas Aero microphone. Make sure to set this as your default device Last, click on “Communications” and set it
to “Do nothing.” Now your Elite Atlas Aero is set up and ready to game. For more on how to use Control Studio, check out the walkthrough video. Thank you.