Vero Beach Computer Repair – How to Fix Your Computer or Laptop in Vero Beach

Hi, I’m Ron Richardson I just like to tell you about the great job Stacy did in fixing up a laptop computer for us My wife is a five year old laptop and had just been driving her crazy. It was getting slower and slower It would lock up at random intervals for no good reason Anyway, we did the usual checks a virus check a speed check rebooting it several times unplugging and plugging it back in all that stuff And nothing worked Stacy had recently given a basic computer class at a club house here So I called her up made an appointment and we took the laptop up to her I’m she diagnosed the problem as a failing hard drive She had a portable unit there and we backed up all the data onto her portable hard drive so that when a replacement hard drive was put in then all that stuff could be loaded back in to be fine and hunky-dory and We were very satisfied with that service She was very customer focused sincere in getting everything fixed up properly and I can highly recommend Stacy if you have a computer problem of any kind give her a call She’s not paying me for the saying this I just think when a business does a good job They ought to get rewarded and acknowledged for it Give her a call with with whatever your frustrations are, and I’m sure she’ll help you get over them. Thanks for watching