Viking Oceans: Enriching Shore Excursions

(light music) – What we have looked to do was bring the best of what
Viking has been able to create on the rivers into the ocean setting. Getting into a destination and
being able to touch and feel and be a part of the
experience is a core part of what we’re looking to
deliver to our travelers. – The planning starts around three years in advance of the cruise. I spend a lot of my time working
closely with Karina Hagen We have to visit each
and every destination that we’re considering before we actually put
it into an itinerary. – We want to go beyond just
offering the top sellers like all the other cruise lines are doing. But really finding those
unique and special excursions. (barks) – The drive for discovery to experience that which is foreign,
to have the excitement of the new and different is
something that we understand, yet something that is very sacred to us. – When we develop an itinerary, we don’t think of each
destination in isolation. We think how the whole string of ports creates a well-rounded product. That means we’ve sat down and
thought about every excursion that we do in each and every destination and how it’s relative not
only to that destination but how it forms part of the
cruise experience as a whole. – I think we’re unique
in that sense in that we’ll have something
exciting for everyone. (lively music) What I really love
about working for Viking is that we have what
we call the viking way which is local life, privileged access and that working world. – [Matt] We’re working really hard to get behind closed doors and discover the hidden secrets of every destination. We do that through home visits, and also through visiting,
perhaps more industrial settings to see how the commerce
and trade of a destination infuses the daily life. – It’s not just a tour. You really get a view behind the scenes of how it is to living and work there and get a deeper understanding
for how their life is. I think that’s pretty spectacular. (lively music) – We’ll be carrying the largest shore excursion department to float. Because we want to carry
that viking experience into the port, into the destinations and give the same level of
care that you find on a ship whilst you’re at an excursion as well. – What we’re ultimately hoping to provide is an experience that is very similar to what you would have when
you cross the threshold of a friend’s house, of a familiar bar, of a environment in which you’re welcomed. It’s very exciting. – [Narrator] Experience a new era of ocean cruising for yourself onboard the remarkable Viking Star.